I highly recommend hiring Angela for your landscape design!  She shows her love of landscape design by immersing herself completely in each job she does.  Her interest in the clients wants and needs are genuine. She is able to offer efficient, functional designs that are still very unique and beautiful!

Angela definitely went above and beyond her job requirements for us!  She completed a design (which she revised a few times as we changed things up and thought of new ideas), she was a mediator between ourselves and the sub-division developer in regards to the yard design and plant material required, she then recommended contractors for us to interview and gave us her recommendation of which contractor would be best based on our budget and our yard's specific needs.

She kept in touch throughout the construction process and was available to answer any questions the contractors had.  Angela will also be doing a follow-up this spring to see how the plants are doing and may be making some final adjustments to them.  All of this work was done for a very, very reasonable price!  She absolutely did more than was required of her and this proves to me how much she cares about her client getting their ideal yard!  Thank you, Angela, for helping us realize our dream!

Devin Weyland & Shannon Hiebert, Home Owner